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Deformationsvy mot LKAB

Land & environment

Deformations are cracks that develop underground because of LKAB’s mining process and the slant of the orebody.

Deformations occur long before cracks appear and the first land movements cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can only be measured with sensitive instruments.

A project the size of the Kiruna city transformation is bound to cause some environmental impact. Therefore, Kiruna municipality has developed an environmental impact assessment that is used to get an overview of the impact LKAB’s planned work could cause.

The environmental court has set a condition for how much the surface may move before a place must be designated a mine site. LKAB works according to these conditions and produces prognoses that show how the land is affected by the mining activity.
The prognoses are of great assistance when Kiruna municipality and LKAB plan for the future together.

Publicerad av: Marianne Nordmark, Lisbeth Pekkari

Senast ändrad: 2017-01-03