Civil Marriage

The Helmer Osslund room. Photo: Henning Larsen Hufton + Crow

Civil marriage is a service free of religious elements supplied by Kiruna municipality.

You as a couple controle the shape of the ceremony to a high degree. The ceremony is free of charge.

Before the marriage can take place the couple needs to have a marriage vertificate and the couple also needs to complete a procedure for an investigation into possible impediments. To apply for these, please contact the Swedish tax office. The application can be done via their website or by phone.

The couple has to bring all the necessary paperwork when contacting the municipality.

To make an appointment for a civil marriage, please contact the reception at the City hall, +46 (0)980 70 000. Kiruna municipality will make a marriage officiant available. The municipality can also contribute with witnesses if the wedding takes place in Kristallen during office hours and if their work allows it.


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